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"Service #1! La job est très bien faite et j'ai adoré le service de ceux qui sont venus travailler chez nous!" ★★★★★ -Roxanne H. [Saint-Amable] | "Pavage de qualité et fait de main de maitre, merci!" ★★★★★ -Christo U. [Saint-Amable] | "Belle job! On encourage les entreprises de chez nous!" ★★★★★ -Lucie R. [Montréal] | "Je recommande Pavage Serecom qui ont fait les travaux d'asphalte et de pavé uni chez moi dans les délai et à un prix raisonnable. Merci!" ★★★★★ -Francois M. [Longueuil] | "Excellent customer service! The team at Pavage Serecom is courteous and respectful. Their design team amazed us and most important they delivered on time!" ★★★★★ -Jessica V. [Longueuil] | "Un beau travail avec de l'équipements à la hauteur.Belle préparation et très bon compactage avant le pavage" ★★★★☆ -Jacque O. [Montréal] | "Great work from Pavage Serecom's crew, fast and clean service" ★★★★★ -Erik D. [Montréal] | "Ont renivelé mon terrain et posé la tourbe, très satisfaite merci Éric" ★★★★★ -Gabrielle C. [St-Jean-sur-Richelieu] | "Très satisfait du produit fini, mon entrée brille comme neuf" ★★★★★ -André R. [Varrennes] | "Trés bon service, prix compétitif" ★★★★☆ -Julie M. [Mascouche] | "Ont refait mon pavé-uni, j'ai trouvé génial leur plan en 3d pour que l'on puisse voir le résultat avant les travaux. Merci Tony! :) :)" ★★★★★ -Carole G. [Repentigny] | "Travail impécable" ★★★★★ -Marc R. [Montréal] | "Service rapide et fiable année après année, merci Joe!" ★★★★☆ -Renée L. [Châteaugay] | "Bon service, demande de dernière minute. Pavage Serecom m'a très bien acomodé" ★★★★★ -Mario E. [Montréal] | "Belle job la gang. merci" ★★★★★ -Stéphanie L. [Montréal] | "Good work, smooth and clean as promised" ★★★★★ -Leslie C. [Delson] | "Très bon service" ★★★★☆ -Eddie T. [Châteaugay] | "Pavage Serecom a refait mon entrée en pavé-uni. Je ne m'attendais pas un résultat aussi parfait merci Eric" ★★★★★ -Felix L. [Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu] | "Ils ont refait mon asphalte en entier. Très satisfaite, ils savent ce qu'ils font" ★★★★★ -Emilio P. [Québec] | "Prix très abordable" ★★★★★ -Gilles M. [Terrebonne] | "Beautiful work, needed the whole entrance re-done. Thank you" ★★★★★ -Phil L. [Varennes] | "Good work, very happy" ★★★★☆ -Ben D. [La Prairie] | "Had many cracks in my driveway, Eric's team filled every hole and applied an extra layer on top for a nice looking finish thanks a bunch" ★★★★★ -Michel R. [Candiac] | "Beau fini, bon travail" ★★★★★ -Hélène R. [Candiac] | "Great folks!" ★★★★☆ -Richard N. [Montréal] | "Travail rapide et impécable" ★★★★★ -Marco L. [Longueuil] | "Highly recommended, great work" ★★★★★ -Franco P. [Saint-Constant] | "Très bon service" ★★★★☆ -Mitchell C. [Candiac] | "They do a good job paving the driveway" ★★★☆☆ -Ellie I. [Montréal] | "Very satisfied with their work and professionalism. Work was completed on time as told, would recommend to others in a heartbeat" ★★★★★ -Veronica L. [Candiac] | "Ont refait les lignes à mon commerce, prix compétitif merci Eric" ★★★★★ -Jean-Marc T. [Brossard] | "Joe did a job for our house that was fantastic" ★★★★★ -Jay P. [Varennes] | "Je suis très content du travail de pavé-uni, incroyable, équipe des maîtres" ★★★★★ -Karine L. [Sainte-Catherine] | "Pavage Serecom est une excellente entreprise, très professionel! Good job avec l'asphalte et le pavé uni" ★★★★★ -Anthony B. [Montréal] | "Beautiful work!"★★★★★ -Gen C. [Varennes] | "Superbe travail, above expectations" ★★★★★ -Sylvie L. [Saint-Amable] | "I highly recommend this company to accomplish any paving work, great job guys" ★★★★★ -Gene R. [Montréal] | "Ont fait des réparations d'asphalte très contente" ★★★★☆ -Nathalie T. [Ste-Julie] | "Just a note to let you know how impressed we are with the whole project. The communication, quality and scheduling have all been topnotch. We've all enjoyed working with all of you. " ★★★★★ -Jen and Dan M. [Longueuil] | "Toujours satisfait de votre travail, encore merci!" ★★★★★ -William S. [Longueuil] | "Great work guys, driveway looks like new" ★★★★★ -Dan A. [Longueuil] | "Du très bon travail" ★★★★☆ -Robert G. [Candiac]


  • How long does it typically take to complete application of the sealer on a driveway?
For a driveway we can easily complete the whole job in one day, even if there is asphalt to be added. We do everything in one appointment.

  • Do I have to be home when you're doing any work?

No, we always schedule our appointments over the phone prior to coming, to ensure all the vehicles are out. When the work is completed, we always secure the driveway with a band as to warn no vehicles should enter.

  • How much time does the sealer need to dry?

Three days including the day it's applied and six hours after it is done to walk on it. Three days is to make sure that the car tires don't leave any marks.

  • What is the difference between your sealer and the one I can get from the store?
  • Most of what is sold in stores is acrylic or tar based. Our product is asphalt based, it's part of the mixture.
  • Since we apply the sealer under high pressure it does not leave any marks, as opposed to a roller that can leave rolling marks on the driveway.
  • We guarantees no odors following the sealer application, as opposed to certain product that have a strong reaction to the sun and smell strong.
  • The sealer will not peel off, or become flaky a few years down the road
  • The sealer evenly wears off, leaving your driveway looking nice and uniformly grey a few years down the road.

  • Do I have to give a deposit on the job?
No deposit and we suggest to avoid the types of deals that require pre-payment.

  • I have a tree that looses buds on the driveway, can I still get a sealer done without them sticking.
Yes, the sealer dries pretty fast on surfaces. In our experience never did tree buds cause any kind of problem.

  • What about rain, can it affect the sealer?
As long as the driveway is completely dry, before the sealer is applied, the rain won't affect our product, which isn't the case for some other products. Even if it rains one minute after applying, water will pearl.

  • Are you going to stain my paving stones, garage door or cement sidings?
No, not even a drop. If ever there's a stain made, (very rare) we have a product that dissipates the sealer without causing any damage to the surface.

  • Is it better to seal my driveway in the Spring or in the Fall?

It makes no difference, as long as we meet the two below conditions:

  • A dry surface
  • Minimum temperature of 10°C

  • How long does the sealer last?

The simplest answer is two summers including the summer we apply the sealer. Usually in that period of time, the driveway is nice and dark and in the third summer will be more on the grey side

**Note: For maximal aesthetic look we can seal the driveway every year in the spring.

  • Do you use hot asphalt for repairs?
Yes absolutely, we use fine grade asphalts for a nice and smooth finish, particularly important, when patching a driveway, for the aesthetic look of the job.

  • More questions? Do not hesitate to reach out to us.